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Drying coats

  1. Working dogs deserve the best: gun dogs, field work, or training

    Hunters taking a break with their working labrador retrievers and spaniels wearing Siccaro drying robes

    Buying and training a dog - whether for field work, as a gun dog, or as any other form of service dog - is a major investment of time, money and effort.

    If you’ve invested so much, then you will want to care for your working dog by keeping it as warm and dry as possible. Whether winter training, or during the cold months of the game-shooting season, your dog is likely to get wet, either from rain or from retrieving in lakes, streams and rivers. And the more a dog is left cold and wet, especially during the winter months, the more that will impact its health and productivity later in life...

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  2. Got a water-loving dog? Here's how you can protect your car:

    Working cocker spaniels in the back of the car wearing Siccaro supreme pro drying robes

    For most of us, our cars are our second most expensive investment after our homes, but few things are more damaging to a car interior than a wet dog. The smell, the mud, the loose hair!

    Let Siccaro come to your rescue. Our WetDog drying robes, and soft, spring, super-comfy Flexmats, will help you look after your dog, and your car.

    The WetDog is the world’s most efficient and easy-to-use dog drying robe. Simply slip it over your dog’s back, buckle up under the belly, and your dog can snuggle up and relax on the back seat staying warm and getting dry in minutes. No fuss, no eff...

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  3. 5 Reasons why Siccaro's robe is the best investment for you and your dog

    Robin of robinventures wearing Siccaro Supreme Pro Drying Robe by the pool by Katherine Taylor
    Hands-free drying: Imagine a way to dry your dog that is entirely hands-free, and does away with heavy, wet, stinky towels. A way to dry your dog which protects the inside of your car, or your sofa, or your lovely newly-painted wall. That's the Siccaro drying robes.
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