When we recommend the Splash dog drying robe

SupremePro, Splash and Spirit, Siccaro currently offers three different models of its popular dog bathrobes - but when and why should dog owners choose which model. In this post we would like to help dog owners make a decision and show the advantages of the Splash. It also explains when the Splash is the perfect choice.


Every dog ​​owner knows it, no matter if spring, summer, autumn or winter the dog always somehow manages to get wet and dirty. In the best case scenario, it only rained slightly outside while walking or the grass was still a bit damp from the last rain shower. Yes, the dog is wet and cannot get back into the car or enter the apartment without getting everything wet. This is where a dog bathrobe comes into play. The Siccaro Splash is particularly suitable for dogs with short fur such as Weimaraner or Labrador. Even dogs with short and smooth fur can naturally get wet, even if the fur does not absorb as much water as in Newfoundland dogs, for example, the water is sufficient to promote skin diseases, muscular diseases or colds, as the dog can cool down. In summer it is still a welcome cooling off for the dog on hot days, but in cooler temperatures it can be quite dangerous.


It's spring, the sun is shining outside, but it's still cool and you're walking your dog. The dog has let off steam while playing in the water and is now put in the car for the drive home. On the way home, mistress or master has to go to the supermarket quickly, then it goes on. The dog now sits in the car with wet or still damp fur and freezes, it eventually becomes ill or takes a "train". But even if the dog does not catch a cold, you first have the pleasure of drying the wet animal with tons of towels at home and keeping it away from the sofa or other furniture in order to avoid water damage. The car also needs a thorough cleaning, as a wet dog naturally shakes and rubs against everything to dry itself. Not to mention the wet dog smell.

A splash from Siccaro can remedy all of this. After the walk, simply put the coat on the dog when you put him in the car. With the Splash, the dog is not only dried, but also kept warm on the way home.



The Splash has a short neck piece that ends approximately at the height of the collar, so the coat can be used without any problems during the walk, even if the dog is on a leash. The end of the neck part is elastic and ensures an optimal fit. The chest and stomach are also enclosed and dried by the coat. The waist circumference of the Splash can be individually adjusted to the dog using a strap on the back and fixed with a ClickLock fastener. The coat is also attached to the dog's hind legs with elastic rubber bands, so the dog can still do its "business" without any problems. The greatest specialty of the Splash, however, is its inner material, which consists of the tried and tested Siccaro Wet2Dry fabric and dries the dog in just 20 minutes. The outer material made of polyester also protects the dog from cooling down and wind.

The Splash is ideal for animals with short and little fur, even if you already have another dog bathrobe and want a second coat, the Splash is not only an inexpensive but also an absorbent option.