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Cocoon Bamboo Fleece Rug

Please note that the discounted Cocoon comes without the stomach piece.
  • Sweat transporting
  • Heat-regulating material, originating from bamboo
  • Made with a natural and antibacterial fabric
  • Fibers that allow ventilation, comfort and quick sweat transportation
  • Special design with a proper zipper along the neck which makes it possible to easily adjust the shape
  • Easy to wash in 30 degrees C
  • Available in the green Siccaro bamboo colour – and soon also in anthracite grey
  • Available in One-Size – designed for bigger ponies to medium sized warmbloods
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An innovative and completely unique cooler that’s made of a very fine fabric with fibers originating from bamboo. The incredible sweat transporting properties are thanks to the woven bamboo charcoal filter inside the fleece which makes the rug to both reflect and lead the warmth of the horse so that it stays warm at the same time as the fur dries. A perfect rug after a tough workout or during the time in the trailer/truck on the way home from the training or competition.

Designed to fit close to the body so that the sweat absorbs and gets transported away from the fur. The moisture will pass through the fabric and then evaporate quickly.

The bamboo fabric has natural, antibacterial properties which effectively reduce smell and the accumulation of bacteria, something that other fabrics don’t. This also means that the fleece won’t start to rot as the moisture from the horse doesn’t stay in the rug.


The rug is 140cm along the back, with a 10% stretch in the material. This means that horses slightly under and a bit over can fit the rug perfectly.

We recommend the rug for bigger ponies up to medium sized warmbloods, but to be sure it’s always a good idea to measure your pony/horse to ensure that it will fit adequately.


Can be washed in 30 degrees and later hang to dry, preferably outside.

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