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Sahara Multifunctional Drying Boots for Horses (2 pcs.) - Tartan - One Size


Dry – Cool – Warm – Protect

The Sahara drying boots are an innovative and effective way to dry your horse's legs. With these superabsorbent drying boots it only takes 15 minutes to get the wet legs dry – completely hands-free. Use them after a muddy day in the field, before a competition or training session and optimize your time. By keeping the legs dry and clean you reduce the risk of the horse getting skin infections or mud fever.

Sahara Multi-Functional Boots consists of two parts. A durable outer layer made out of neoprene and a soft, super absorbing pad with our innovative Wet2Dry-technology. This inner layer is what makes the boot unique and super-effective at drying.

  • Includes 2 boots
  • With 4 functions in one boot
  • One-size: fits most horses and large category 1 ponies. It is 42 cm high and up to 45 cm in circumference around the leg as it can be adjusted for smaller or larger legs thanks to the velcro-straps
  • Effective and fast drying in just 15 minutes – some longhaired may take 30 minutes to be completely dry
  • Prevents mud fever from developing by keeping the legs dry and clean.
  • Freezable pad for an effective cooling after training.
  • With Fir Skin T+ technology in the outer layer, which reflects warmth, reduces lactic acid and stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Can be washed and dried in machine at low temperature
  • Danish design, produced in EU
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Sahara Multi-Functional Boots is a revolutionary product for horse care.

Use the boots after washing the legs for a quick and effective drying, as well as prevention for mud fever. Put them on to warm muscles and tendons or for protection against injuries out in the field, in the stable or during transportation. Cool the legs after training or if the horse’s swollen. The Sahara Boots covers from the knee down to the fetlock and prevents thereby dirt and bacteria from accessing the legs, at the same time as they effectively dry the legs.

How to use:

The boots consist of two parts: An outer layer of neoprene with advanced Fir-Skin T+ heat reflecting technology and a super absorbing inner pad with Siccaro’s Wet2Dry-technology.


Fasten the pad to the neopren with help from the velcro, and put it on the horse’s leg. Ensure that the pad covers from the knee down to the top of the hoof. After 10-15 minutes the fur will be dry. The Wet2Dry-technology will effectively absorb the water and moisture from the legs, without you needing to do anything.


After you’ve dried your horse’s legs take the now wet pad and put it in the freezer for 1 hour. It works just as fine to soak the pad with water before freezing, too. After one hour has passed, take out the pad and fasten it onto the neopren layer again and put it on the leg for 15-20 minutes.

Ensure that the pad still is flexible when you take it out from the freezer, so it can be adjustable and fitted on the leg.

The cooling is most commonly used after a tougher work out or when expecting an injury. Cooling the legs effectively reduce swelling in the legs and is a technique used all over the world


After cooling, remove the inner pad from the neopren layer, and put the neopren layer directly onto the leg. The outer layer is developed with Fir-Skin T+ technology which works as a mirror for the horse’s own warmth. The reflection of heat is thanks to the free titanium particles within the fabric.

It's common to warm the legs when increased circulation is wanted. If galls is a 'coming and going' problem, a pair of boots with heat-reflective properties is recommended to support the blood circulation, especially during night time.


Fasten the dry pad onto the neopren layer and place it around the leg and secure it with the velcro-straps. Wear during night to prohibit accidents in the horse box and/or while travelling from place to place in the trailer/truck.


The boots can be washed and dried in machine at low temperature (max. 30 degrees). Ensure to secure the straps so that they don’t get caught in other fabrics during the wash.


Inner pad:

Outer layer: 88% viscose originating from bamboo, 12% polyester / 80% polyester, 20% viscose

Inner layer: 85% viscose, 15% polyester

Outer layer : Neopren med free Titanium particles

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